Tuesday, March 12

1pm - 2:30pm

Keynote: 90 Minutes

Dirk Beveridge: Our Noble Calling of Distribution

2:30pm - 3pm


3pm - 4pm

Workshops: 90 minutes

  1. Dirk Beveridge: The Potential Equation
  2. Nancye Combs: HR Hot Spots
  3. Jon Schreibfeder & Matt Schreibfeder: Balancing Customer Service, Inventory, & Profitability
  4. Loren Smith: Infrastructure Act Update

5pm - 6pm

Opening Reception

Dinner on your own

Wednesday, March 13

8am - 11:30am

Workshops: 3.5 hours

  1. Nancye Combs: Managing Human Capital
  2. Jeanne Hurlbert: Concierge Customer Service
  3. Paul Reilly: Crush Price Objections
  4. Jon Schreibfeder & Matt Schreibfeder: Effectively Analyzing Your Inventory Investment

11:30am - 12:30pm



12:30pm - 2:30pm

Workshops: 2hrs

  1. Paul Reilly: Value-Added Selling
  2. Mike Foster: Revolutionize Your Business with AI: Enhance Productivity,
    Streamline Processes, & Stay Ahead
  3. Ken Brown: Pricing Strategies, Cost to Serve, & Customer Profitability
  4. Mike Staver: How to be an Influencer in any Market

2:30pm - 3pm



3pm - 5pm

Workshops: 2hrs

  1. Jim Ambrose: 5 Fundamentals of Branch Management
  2. Ken Brown: Sales/Service Organization Structure & Sales Compensation Design
  1. Mike Foster: Cybersecurity: Stop Today’s Hackers
  2. Kimberly Reuter: Supply Chain and the Customer Experience



Open Evening to Enjoy Nashville

Thursday, March 14

8am - 9:30am

Workshops: 90 Minutes

  1. Ken Novak: Digital Transformation for Beginners
  2. Benj Cohen: Improving Your Customer Experience with AI
  3. Jamie Turner: Intentional Communication

9:30am - 10am



10:30am - 12pm

Future of Distribution Panel Discussion: 90 minutes

  1. Mike FosterModerator
  2. Ken NovakDigital Sales
  3. Benj CohenAI
  4. Andrew HartmanSTAFDA President